Multiple Solutions to Remove QuickBooks Error 350

QuickBooks Error 350 occurs majorly when users try to connect to a bank or bank’s credit card account in the Online Version. You might face difficulties accessing bank feeds from your bank account or matching the security questions. Another possibility could be that QuickBooks is facing errors establishing a connection with your banking servers. Also, Error 350 QuickBooks arises due to damage in company file data. To fix this issue, we advise you to perform the Verify and Rebuild data in your application. Doing this will resolve any minor or temporary glitches, giving you a seamless experience with the application.

Resolution 1: Verify and Rebuild Data

  1. Go to the left side panel and navigate to the File menu.
  2. Select the utility tab and click on Rebuild data.
  3. Click on the OK option when the pop-up appears and select a location to save and create a backup of the company files.
    • Note: It will take a few minutes to rebuild the data. Once finished, a notification will appear to view the results.
After successful verification of data, follow these steps:
  1. Move to the File menu and go to Utilities.
  2. Select Verify Data and run the tool.
  3. Let the tool check the file for identifying any data issues.
  4. If QuickBooks finds any type of issue with your company file, click on Rebuild Now.

Resolution 2: Find out the Error in QuickBooks Log File Manually

  • Go to QuickBooks homepage, press F2, and run the Product Information.
  • Tap on F3 to enter the Tech Help.
  • Move to the Open File.
  • Find the log file, then click Open.
  • Search for the error message and the transactions due to which the error is caused.

Resolution 3: Re-establish the Connection between QuickBooks and your Bank

  1. Move to the Banking and select the account which has the QuickBooks Bank Connection Error 350.
  2. Follow the link with the message “Sign in to your (bank’s name)”, tap on it.
  3. Enter your online banking information.
  4. Choose all the accounts that need to be linked with QuickBooks.
  5. Hit Continue. (The “OAuth” window will quit after this step.)
  6. Select Update to ascertain the transactions that get downloaded to the application.

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Resolution 4: Manually Update your Account to solve PNC Bank Connection Error 350

  1. In QuickBooks, go to the Banking section from the left menu.
  2. Click on Update on the Banking page.
  3. If you’re asked, type the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) information.
  4. Select Continue Update.

Resolution 5: Clear your Browser Cache to Troubleshoot CitiBank Error 350 in QuickBooks Online

1. Firefox

  • Go to the History tab and clear recent history.
  • Choose to clear all cache and junk files.
  • Tick mark Cache in the drop-down and close Firefox.
  • Restart your browser and check if the “We Weren’t Able to Show your Payroll Info” error is fixed.

2. Internet Explorer

  • Tap on the Gear icon and select safety.
  • Select Delete Browsing History and uncheck Preserve Favorites website data.
  • Run the temporary Internet Files and Delete.
  • Finally, click on OK.

3. Google Chrome

  • Tap on three menu dots and select History.
  • Choose Clear Browsing Data and use the option to select the beginning of time.
  • Finally, select Clear Browsing Data.

4. Safari

  • Click on Preferences in Safari.
  • On top of the Window, choose Advanced.
  • Click on the Show Develop menu located in the menu bar.
  • Click on Develop and finally Empty Caches.
  • Close all windows opened in Safari and restart it. Sign in to QuickBooks Online to see if the “We weren’t able to show your payroll info” error is resolved.

To Sum Up

QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 350 can be with your transaction file, web browser, and banking website. If you check the internet connection and perform the necessary troubleshooting methods, you can fix the error effortlessly. This guide provides a number of solutions that will help you fix bank connection errors. if none of the Solutions work, then the only option left is to consult a professional by calling our QuickBooks data services experts team at +1 888-704-1357 and ask them for technical guidance in getting rid of all the accounting-related annoying errors.

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