How to Repair Damaged Company File QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks uses QBW file as a database and QBW file being as a database quite is quite competent to organize the business data in very systematic way. But it is not different from other database, and it is prone to a lot of problem quite often. Damaged and Data integrity issue is one of the most common issue occurs from QuickBooks ends. And You cannot open Damaged company file unless it doesn’t repaired or still trying repair damaged QuickBooks company ile.

How to Find Corruption in QuickBooks Company File?

If you are wondering when you need to repair a QuickBooks company File, So first of all you need to identify breakdown in the data file. Here are the some listed problems that you may face when you have a damaged company file.
  • Error message” QuickBooks Found some problem with your company file, but don’t worry! You can fix most issue by Rebuilding”.
  • QuickBooks Abruptly crashes when you saving entries within the company file.
  • Balance can get mismatch or balance sheet get out balance issue also appears.
  • Entries and other details can miss from the file.
  • QuickBooks is slow; Operation takes longer time than usual.
  • You won’t be able to download reports.
  • Cannot able to send invoices.
  • You may face issue while download the bank feeds.
So far we have learnt that corruption in the company file can arrive in different shape and circumstances. But the important thing to account is, that if you notice something abnormal in your data file most probably would be the sign of corruption.

Obvious reason for data corruption/damaged in QuickBooks

  • The size of your company file exceeded beyond the acceptable limit.
  • Lack of hardware resources Ram, processing, Unstable Network, etc.
  • Sudden power fluctuation is the potential reason to damaged entire HDD data. If you are in such area where power fluctuation is common than use stabilizer.
  • Unexpected system shutdown due to power outage or technical issue could easily draw damaged in company file.
  • Invasion of Viruses or malware in storage where you company file is saved.
  • Presence of bad sectors in HDD/SDD where the data is saved.

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How to Repair a Damaged QuickBooks Desktop Company File?

Method 1: Repair manually

To repair QBW file manually all you need to use QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility and steps are written below as:
  • Start your QuickBooks with administrator rights.
  • Then turn your QuickBooks into single user mode, after that Click on File, Utilities and verify data.
The verify process turnaround time depends all in the size of your company file, If this process takes a long while or doesn’t seem to finish, Then reach out to expert rather to proceed rebuild process.
  • If the company is store in the server then make a local copy.
  • Next, Open QuickBooks in single user mode.
  • Click on File menu, hover cursor over utilities option and then rebuild data.
  • Restart the system, try to open recently repaired file.

Method 2: Repair File using File doctor

Now days QuickBooks Tool Hub consist QuickBooks File doctor, so you need to download and install tool hub in order to repair company file. And steps are mention below as:
  • Firstly close the QuickBooks program.
  • Next, go to intuit official website and Lookup for the download link of tool hub.
  • After that, install the Tool hub by following on screen instruction carefully.
  • Start the QuickBooks repair tool.
  • Select company file issue tab in the home screen of tool hub.
  • Now, select the file doctor and this will take a short while to open fully.
  • Now, Browse the company file and start repair process.
  • At the end, reopen QuickBooks and check for the damaged company file.


The above mentioned steps are the only viable option to repair damaged QuickBooks company file. However in case the steps mentioned above not works for your company file, that case you must reach out to QuickBooks Data Services Solutions team at +1 888-704-1357.

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